Product: Multifunctional Solar Lamp with mobile charger
Client: Bright Products
Founder: K8 industridesign

Improve family economy, education, health and safety

The SunBell Solar Lamp and Mobile Charger is our first product for the Off Grid market. The unique design makes it the most versatile product in the market. It works excellent as a reading lamp, as a ceiling lamp, as a flash light and as a mobile charger.

The rechargeable LiFePO battery need 3-4 hours of good sunlight to be fully charged. The dimmer switch lets you choose between 3 levels of LED light intensity and operating time.

The solar disk hides a 9 feet cable, so the panel can be placed outside while the lamp or the mobile can be safe inside a house, hut or tent.

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The SunBell is currently being sold here: DOGAPur NorskLess TrashBokkilden,  Energihuset Sport og fritid (Nesodden)Energigården Brandbu og Hytteliv Senteret.





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