ConceptoMed Luer-Jack®

Product: Syringe
Client: ConceptoMed AS
Cofounder: K8 industridesign

needlestick safety

When the founder of ConceptoMed, M.D. Christian Mide, at his previous work, performed arthrocentesis procedures, with repeated disconnections of the syringe from a firmly attached needle placed inside a knee, he felt the need for a “crowbar” to ease the disconnection, improve aseptic safety and reduce patient pain. The medical need quickly emerged into a potential product idea and that’s when Christian Mide picked up the phone and called K8.

Luer-Jack® is a completely new approach to the challenges of needlestick safety and aseptic delivery of services! It fills the void in the market for needlestick prevention – purely through one-hand disconnection of needle hubs!. No need for recapping of needles for safe needle-disposal procedure.

The OneHand use makes procedures safer, timesaving, and enhances sterility and workflow with less need for a second hand or assistance from colleagues.

In addition to the Luer-Jack®, K8 industridesign is designing the innovative Steri-Tilt™ – the Luer-Jack® Safety Packaging.


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