LESS stand

Product: Stretcher stand
Client: Less

better possibility to perform first aid

K8 designed the LESS stretcher’s stand. The stand is built to be flexible and adaptable in use. It has to be easy to carry and setup in the disaster area. It is designed to have various use modes: high, low, tilted, ladder and of course packed to fit in the same bag as the stretchers! Furthermore 4 smart hooks are integrated in the stand to quickly secure the stretcher!

The need for a stand comes in different situations during a rescue process. However the main use is during the triage were the patients are brought inside a tent and examined.

To avoid leaving the patients in the stretcher on the floor and avoiding hypothermia issues, a stand is needed. The stand gives also to the doctors a better possibility to perform first aid and keep the patients in a safe situation until they are either released or brought to the hospital by car or helicopter.

Read more about the project on LESS stand design pilot case



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