Prototypes and models

Following our user centred design process, prototyping and model making form a valuable part in testing and evaluating functionality and user needs, ensuring a high quality of the final product. 

We also work hard to collect valuable insight into users’ emotional needs and experience of the product.  

At K8 we are capable of developing different types of models appropriate to the stage of the design process, using anything from simple carboard models, to high accuracy 3D printed parts. 

Sketch model

gp-pappwA simple model, often made of cardboard, which we use to quickly obtain ideas of various solutions.

Scale model


A scale model is a copy of the product in a size other than the original, often smaller.

Geometric model / Test mock-up

kaiak-i-brukwThese models are used to get feedback from users at an early stage. One can test physical size, functionality, stability, limitations and possibilities. These models can be made from cardboard, plywood, metal, 3D print or clay.

Appearance model

gp-wAn appearance model is used to get feedback on the aesthetics of a product, i.e. shape, colour and expression. The models often looks like the finished product, but the functionality and the “contents” are missing. These models are often used as explanatory models in the “pitching” phase of a project.


betatopwThese models are mostly printed in 3D and have the same level of detail as the finished product. They are used to test the final solution prior to the product going into production. This provides assurance for the client, as one is able to uncover any potential problems at an early stage, before the production tools are being ordered.

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