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7Sense with success in Sweden

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We’re excited to see that our client, 7Sense, has partnered with Swedish Rosenqvists Irrigation to sell their irrigation sensor in Sweden. Rosenqvists is Sweden’s largest manufacturer of irrigation systems. The product is designed by K8, in partnership with 7Sense, and has been customized with a black colour to match Rosenqvists’ profile. K8 has been responsible for engineering and manufacturing of all mechanical parts through our network of partners.

The device mounts easily to the regular irrigation equipment and reports its position, movement and eventual leaks; thus giving the farmer a full overview of the irrigation situation – even with old irrigation equipment.

The device is one of the first in the world to utilise the new NB-IoT spectrum from Telia that is tailored specifically for the «internet of things».

Illustration: K8


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