A sneak peek of the Playuba PRO creative tool during the Creator Festival September 7th

A sneak peek of the Playuba PRO creative tool during the Creator Festival September 7th


A new card based creativity tool that aims to make Norway the world’s most creative nation!


Both teachers and students around Norway will soon benefit from Playuba’s educational tool, which introduces design thinking and creative processes. In collaboration with K8 industridesign AS, architect Vibeke Kirkebø Hegg from SmartBird AS has developed Playuba PRO. This tool includes specially designed cards and educational presentations which are used to generate unique design tasks, set limits and define users. Students must then work together to creatively explore their own solutions with physical models and drawings.


The Playuba methodology has been developed through work with around 10,000 students and is primarily a tool for arts and crafts teachers in technology, design, architecture and art subjects, however the concept can be used to inspire creative thinking in many other disciplines.


«With the amount of screen time today’s children are exposed to, is it crucial to support tactile “hand-to-head” learning by drawing and building physical models with glue gun and cardboard or plasticine.» Says founder and architect Vibeke K. Hegg. Playuba aims to provide a platform for students to explore design processes, idea generation, understanding of users and requirements, as well as model construction and presentation in a collaborative setting.


Over the last 18 months, designers Taral Jansen and Lillian Korstad at K8 have been responsible for the collaborative design process, working with Vibeke, students and teachers to further develop the whole Playuba product and experience. The website shall be launched in October.


«It was important for me that the physical toolkit would create expectations for the student, a magic box of possibilities, easy to find in a messy classroom and easy to carry. The Playuba-kit should signal creativity. A blend of James Bond and Donald Duck 😉 That’s what K8 really got! » says Vibeke.


«This project has been far more than just making a wooden box with cards,» says Taral Jansen Project Manager at K8. ‘’We have worked strategically to create expectation and magic in the classroom.’’


«The next step in the development of Playuba will be exploring how the students’ physical models, built from recycled waste or plasticine, can be digitized and experienced in a digital world. We have already started some exciting work in this field, and are always looking for forward-thinking partners who are also focused on the importance of “explore & create” for our next generation of creative thinkers!


‘’ Let’s DESIGN THE FUTURE! ‘’ concludes Vibeke K. Hegg.

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