Less stand DIP case

The LESS stand case is now visible on Norsk Designråd’s website. The LESS stand is designed by K8 and received support from Norsk Designråd through the Design-driven innovation program (DIP). Check it out here.    

Perfect cleaning without chemicals

For a few months now, our office is cleaned and polished without the use of chemicals. It’s cleaner, greener, healthier and extremely easy!  Through LessTrash we are now only using e-cloth mops, cloths and towels so that we clean perfectly with only using water. We have an amazing amount of fibres that take away all […]

New intern summer 2013!

We are happy to welcome Synne as part of the K8 team! Synne is currently studying for an engineering degree in Industrial Design at Danmarks Tekniske Universitet in Copenhagen. During August 2013 she will be working at K8 as an intern. After finishing her degree she hopes to move back to Norway again. She has […]

New intern #2 spring 2013

We are happy to welcome Christoffer Sæther Sørensen as a new intern at K8! I graduated in January 2013 from NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) with a M.Sc. degree as an Idustrial Design Engineer. My master thesis was done for W.Giertsen Hallsystem AS and investigated the potential for creating more autonomous and sustainable […]

New intern #1 spring 2013

We are happy to welcome Maarten Vlug as a new intern at K8! After working for 8 years as a Mechanical Engineer, Maarten started a full-time study Product Design & Engineering at the University Of Applied Science in Utrecht, the Netherlands. He is now doing his graduation thesis at K8 for 5 months. After his […]

K8 bedrift får 4 millioner i støtte!

Den delvis K8-eiede bedriften ConceptoMed har fått 4 millioner i støtte av Innovasjon Norge Norland. ConceptoMed holder til i vakre Ballastad i Lofoten, og ledes av doktor Christian Mide. Selskapet er i ferd med å utvikle flere medisintekniske hjelpemidler for å bedre og trygge medisinske prosedyrer og brukeropplevelser både for helsepersonell og pasienter. I tillegg […]