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Funding for innovative prosthetics

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K8 is proud to be a development partner of Hy5! They have received grants from DIP, Design-driven Innovation Program. There were 113 applications for the program, and only 14 per cent were awarded grants.

Hy5 develop innovative prosthetics, which can be adapted to the specific user. The project focus will be the protection glove, an important part of the prothesis. K8 will have a systems and service design driven project, working with the possibilities and challenges of the glove together with users. The goal is an improved and more user friendly physical product.

More about Hy5 here

More about DIP here

From left: Marius Andresen (CEO, K8 Industridesign), Ola Kyrkjebø (Mechanical Design Engineer, Hy5), Christian Fredrik Stray (CEO & Co-Founder, Hy5)


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