Say hi to Jess!

Say hi to our new intern, Jessica Thomasson, from Edinburgh! Before the day begins she can often be found in the backyard plum tree, reaching new heights, gathering plums for the office and even making jam for the staff lunch.

Jess has a Masters degree in Product Design Engineering from The University of Glasgow and Glasgow School of Art, with a master project designing solutions for future food resources. As a part of her Masters degree Jess studied one year at NTNU in Trondheim at Institute of Product Design.

Other than designing, she loves to spend the weekends hiking and camping in the mountains, capturing beautiful landscape images as she goes. We are really happy to have her onboard!



7Sense with success in Sweden

We’re excited to see that our client, 7Sense, has partnered with Swedish Rosenqvists Irrigation to sell their irrigation sensor in Sweden. Rosenqvists is Sweden’s largest manufacturer of irrigation systems. The product is designed by K8, in partnership with 7Sense, and has been customized with a black colour to match Rosenqvists’ profile. K8 has been responsible for engineering and manufacturing of all mechanical parts through our network of partners.

The device mounts easily to the regular irrigation equipment and reports its position, movement and eventual leaks; thus giving the farmer a full overview of the irrigation situation – even with old irrigation equipment.

The device is one of the first in the world to utilise the new NB-IoT spectrum from Telia that is tailored specifically for the «internet of things».

Illustration: K8

Congratulations to Renee Ranvig

Congratulations to Renee Ranvig for delivering a solid master thesis and winning the prize for industrial design! The project «Salen» is innovative in the conservative field of horse saddle design, introducing new techonoly and features to solve problems. The prize is given at AHO Works Awards and is sponsored by K8. We look forward to hear more about the project, as Renee will present it for the K8 office later this month. AHO Design Arkitektur- og designhøgskolen i Oslo

Say hello to Tango

We are happy to welcome Tiange Wang (nickname: Tango) as an intern at K8! He has a bachelor’s degree at Shandong University of Art and Design and continued with his master’s at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design. He also has several years of experience as a designer at Pega D&E, Shanghai Office, as well as a design internship at Normann-Copenhagen. Happy to have you onboard, Tango!


Say hi to Javier, our parkouring intern from Mexico!

Javier has bachelor’s degree in industrial design from The National Autonomous University of Mexico. He has good skills with physical prototyping, ideation process and 3D modeling.

Not only does he like to do parkour, he has also designed and built a parkour park in his home town!

His plan forward is to apply for masters and hopefully continue his journey in Norway, so look out!

Funding for innovative prosthetics

K8 is proud to be a development partner of Hy5! They have received grants from DIP, Design-driven Innovation Program. There were 113 applications for the program, and only 14 per cent were awarded grants.

Hy5 develop innovative prosthetics, which can be adapted to the specific user. The project focus will be the protection glove, an important part of the prothesis. K8 will have a systems and service design driven project, working with the possibilities and challenges of the glove together with users. The goal is an improved and more user friendly physical product.

More about Hy5 here

More about DIP here

From left: Marius Andresen (CEO, K8 Industridesign), Ola Kyrkjebø (Mechanical Design Engineer, Hy5), Christian Fredrik Stray (CEO & Co-Founder, Hy5)

DIP project with Skannex

Congratulations! Skannex have been honored grants from DIP, Design-driven Innovation Program. DIP is an important support for involving design in the idea phase of an innovation project. Skannex have chosen K8 as collaborators in this important process.

Skannex have developed sophisticated software for image analysis of biochemical information, used to detect infections like HIV and diseases like Malaria and Dengue fever. The project with K8 will result in a reader that will be attractive for decentralized areas. We can’t wait to get started!

More about the project here. 

More about DIP here.

From left: Siri Stabel Olsen (CEO, Skannex), Dag Bremnes (CTO & Founder, Skannex), Marius Andresen (CEO, K8 Industridesign), Jan Andres Ekroll (Industrial Designer, K8 Industridesign), Joachim Wallem Rasmussen (Industrial Designer, K8 Industridesign)

ParkoMusic art installation

Play music from a parking meter! K8 has contributed in the art installation «Shall we dance?» in Kongens Gate, downtown Oslo. Next to the 40 meter asphalt painting, there is a parking meter that has been transformed by K8. It was worn down, but now it’s filled with colour and music. Bypassers can connect with the installation and play their own music, converting the silent street into a dance floor.

Read more about the art project here


Say hello to Kristián

Kristián Kierulf is our enthusiastic new intern! He has a bachelor’s degree in product design from HiOA (Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences), and experience with the team at Equator Aircraft the past two years. He is a versatile designer with especially good skills with creating concepts and physical prototyping. We look forward to work with him this semester!