Ocean Bottle launches their NFC infrastructure with Gail’s Bakery

The Ocean Bottle has now partnered with Gail’s in London in a trail launch of their bottle scanners. When you refill at Gail’s with your Ocean Bottle, just tap the base of the bottle at the till – this funds the collection of 20 ocean-bound plastic bottles as well as giving you 20p off our hot or cold drink!

We are really excited to see the NFC-enabled Ocean Bottle infrastructure growing to allow more functionality, and a greater positive impact – both to the bottle owners,  plastic collectors and our planet.

If you own an Ocean Bottle and happen to be in London, head down to the Chealsea, Kings Road or High Street Kensington to get your refill. If you’re not in London, then you can still scan your bottle to check out your impact or find your nearest refill point.

Reader and bottle design by K8

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