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Our customer 7Sense is featured in the current issue of the «Bedre gardsdrift» farming magazine with their new water reel tracking system, «Irrigation Sensor». The housing is designed by K8 and the product will soon hit the market.

You can buy and read the magazine here.


«Irrigation Sensor» is used to simplify the life of the farmer. It’s attached to the water reel system and registers the position so the farmer can monitor its movement on his smartphone.

Telia Norway has launched a new mobile network for the internet of things based on the new technology,  «Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT)». Together with their partner 7Sense, Telia also launched – as the first company in the word – a commercial solution for smart agriculture based on NB-IoT. This marks the beginning of the deployment of a commercial internet of things in Norway.

See Telias video here


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