7Sense Irrigation Sensor

7Sense Irrigation Sensor

A robust revolution
for Norwegian farmers

Product: Casing for Irrigation Sensor
Client: 7Sense


K8 was invited to collaborate with 7Sense to design a new irrigation sensor, allowing farmers to gain a better overview of the status of remote irrigation systems. A sensor was to be attached to the irrigation wagon to monitor position and any potential leaks whilst the irrigation system was left to autonomously operate in a remote location.


Working closely with 7Sense, who was responsible for the development of the electrical components of the sensor unit, K8 was responsible for the design of the casing for the new device. We have overseen the project from initial concept, right through to production. Throughout this process, our key design goals have been focused around creating a robust, waterproof casing to protect the electrical components, whilst also being easy to attach and of course creating an iconic design.

In order to create a high quality and valued final product, K8 visited several farms in the initial research phases, allowing for a greater understanding of the everyday life of the end user and their needs. Additionally, close contact with our collaborators and production partners saw that the design process remained efficient throughout, delivering the final product on time and to budget.


The 7Sense Irrigation Sensor provides farmers with peace of mind – monitoring the position, movement and any potential leaks of their existing irrigation equipment. The device is one of the first in the world to utilise the new NB- IoT spectrum from Telia, allowing it to be mounted onto old, pre-existing irrigation equipment, thus providing the ultimate flexibility to the farmer.

K8 are proud to have produced the finished design in record time, delivering a product that is both robust and characteristic, withstanding outdoor use in harsh environments including water, vibration and sunlight.

We are also excited to announce that our client 7Sense has partnered with Swedish Rosenqvists Irrigation to sell their irrigation sensor in Sweden. Rosenqvists is Sweden’s largest manufacturer of irrigation systems. The product has been customized with a black colour to match Rosenqvists’ profile.


A robust and characteristic housing for harsh environments

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