Art installation

Product: Loudspeaker
Client: The Municipality of Oslo

shall we dance?

As part of the “Carfree Oslo” initiative, The City of Oslo and The Culture agency Mesén commissioned the Art installation “Shall We Dance?” from the artist Marisa Ferreira. Together they developed a spot in “Kongens Gate” into a cultural meeting point. K8 industridesign was asked if it would be possible to transform an old parking meter into a public loudspeaker.

The loudspeaker, with name ParkoMusic, needed to be loud enough to play music for the whole street. It had to be easy to use and connect to, and should be able to withstand usage over a long time. To achieve this we used 3mm stainless steel that was water jet cut with the desired pattern. Everything was painted with colors corresponding to the artwork. Instructions and a plaque was laser cut and attached to the front. A large as possible speaker was placed inside and connected to a Wi-Fi router and a Chromecast audio to handle the music connection. A new sign and a luminous top were created to draw attention. A USB port and a reset button were installed to keep the music running.

The bright yellow ParkoMusic loudspeaker with it`s yellow and purple sign and the luminous top is visible, and creates interest from far away. When people approach it, they can clearly see, that this is not an ordinary parking meter. The front is perforated in a mix between music bars and a cityscape. Everyone can connect to the ParkoMusic from their phones, and play their own music with ease. Instructions are written at the front, next to a reset button, in case of technical hiccups.


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