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Product: Multifunctional Solar Lamp with mobile charger
Client: Bright Products
Founder: K8 industridesign


Beyond Risør is a Norwegian Forum for design and business.
It all started here, in 2009, with a group of innovators and the workshop title: «How can we design a lamp that is mobile, user-friendly and practical in a work environment or in the daily life at home?


1.3 billion people live in off-grid communities in Africa, Asia and South America. Off-grid meaning not being connected to an electric grid. This includes millions of refugees and displaced people who depend on aid and relief organizations. These facts were definitely the drivers for the SunBell multifunctional solar lamp.


The SunBell is an exceptionally versatile and rugged Solar LED Lamp and phone charger. It provides light for work and leisure under any conditions. Use the included USB adapter to charge your mobile phone anywhere (most suitable for basic phones). The LiFePO4 battery needs as little as 4 hours of direct sunlight (depending on sun strength) to fully charge. It connects with the lamp through the integrated 3m/9ft cable. Operating hours vary from 4 hours on BRIGHT Mode, to at least 80 hours on Low Mode.

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