Encouraging use of bicycles as a connection to public transport; offering safe and attractive high quality bicycle parking

Product: Concept for Bicycle hotels
Client: FutureBuilt in collaboration with
Oslo Municipality
Year: 2017


FutureBuilt and Oslo Municipality held an open competition in search of new design concepts for ‘bicycle hotels’ to be placed at public transport hubs in Oslo and Bærum.

When combined with public transport, using your bike in the city provides an efficient, sustainable and healthy means of getting from A to B. All bike rides start and end with a parked bicycle, that’s why it’s important to offer secure parking for bicycles at train and metro stations, not least in the outer districts. In this way, traveling longer distances with a combination of bike and public transport can be encouraged to a wider audience. 


To gain insight on how existing bicycle hotels work today, and to design a bicycle hotel that focuses on the user’s needs, we made observations and talked to users of the bicycle hotels in Drammen and Lillestrøm. We also carried out research into existing bicycle storage systems and DIY bike maintenance stations as well as those who offer bike repair services. 

We found that it was important to distinguish areas in the bicycle hotel which were suited to storage of different types of bikes – e.g. cargo bikes, electrical bikes and normal bicycles. Additionally, we found it important to add features such as a place to hang bike locks, store clothing, and get live updates on metro departures.

We also wished to encourage engagement with the public in both the building process of the bicycle hotel, and it’s use. We therefore looked into how the public could help with creating the space with simple tasks like painting the walls and adding the graphics in the internal space. We also wanted the space to become an active point for encouraging the use of bicycles, allowing bike repair courses or services to be held at the bicycle hotel. 


Employing a user-centric design process means that the final concept is built around the needs of the user and the efficient storage of bicycles. The concept is flexible – allowing it to be implemented at a number of different metro stations whilst retaining the core features and form which makes it recognisable as a secure bike storage area. 

The external facade of the hotel is designed to reflect the frame of a bike, using diagonal structural beams in wood  – which also adds strength and interest to the construction. The walls are created with corrugated perforated metal, creating a light, open and safe space on the inside, whilst giving a dynamic and inviting expression from the outside. The result is a welcoming, open, and efficient space for users which aims to lower the threshold for interconnected travel with bicycle and public transport. 

Honorable Mention

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