Bright Display

Bright Display

Showcasing the multifunctionality of the Bright product range

Product: Retail display for Bright products
Client: Bright Products AS


K8 was invited to design a retail solution for displaying Bright products at 10 Hyttetorget stores around Norway. The solution was to be delivered at the peak of 2018 Christmas sales for maximum impact during the festive season. This required a fast and efficient research, design and production management process working closely with clients (Hyttetorget and Bright Products AS), producers and suppliers over a 2.5 month period. 


The design required solutions for both storing the products – Sunbell, SunTurtle and Bright Move – and communicating their various functions. Allowing customers to try out the products was a key requirement in the design, as well as showing off their various configurations. Therefore the design included a top surface to display un-boxed products, a back wall and hanging rail to showcase various use configurations and a small screen to further communicate the Bright range.  

In order to create the best impact in store it was crucial that the solar products lit up. Therefore, overnight charging solutions were built into the Display – as it would not always sit in enough direct sunlight to ‘naturally’ charge the products. This required a simple and quick charging set up procedure – with the possibility to stow it away when not in use in the base of the Display.

With foresight into the possibility to display future Bright products, with different packaging dimensions, the Display was designed with a smart hook and grid system – allowing storage to be adapted as needed. 

The development process also included some in-house manufacturing, using K8’s facilities to 3D print, laser and vinyl cut custom features. This not only allowed the team to test and approve parts quickly, but sped up the production process and time to delivery.


The final solution, now installed at Hyttetorget stores around Norway, provides a clean and smart presentation of Bright products, whilst also inviting customers to interact and ‘get to know’ the Bright brand and product range.

Product features

  • Top rail for hanging products
  • Plate for the suction cup hook to show smart attachment to window for solar charging
  • Screen for ongoing films/ product information
  • Spacious shelf for displaying the products
  • Adaptable hook storage system
  • Overnight charging solutions

Production in Norway

  • Black valcromat chosen as the base material – providing a clean, professional finish allowing the products to stand out
  • Vinyls made in-house at K8 – cutting costs and giving a shorter lead time for the client.

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