Product: Solar power supply
Client: BRIGHT Products AS

empowering off grid communities

While seeing the success of the SunBell, Bright Products saw the need for a larger home system that could provide light and phone charge as a permanent solution in peoples homes. For example, it’s highly expensive for an average Kenyan family to connect to the grid. By making their own solar powered grid they get a cost-effective sustainable solution.

We have been to Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania researching, interviewing potential Home users and finding their needs. At our design studio in Oslo, we have been working with creating a multifunctional product together with the BRIGHT team. Some clever outcomes from the project is an adjustable lamp to switch from room light to task light, a wall shelf to place your phone while charging, smart cable management and easy interaction with the control unit.

Home is a multifunctional power supply for people who live off grid, or live off grid for a period of time, providing light for three rooms and charging two phones at the same time. It also supports a wide range of add-on products. It is possible to pay with a payment plan using the Pay As You Go system via your mobile phone. K8 also developed a smart packaging that allows sellers to easily carry the product and show off the main functions to potential buyers. It provides light for doing homework, making dinner and all other daily routines. Last, but not least, it is the perfect power supply for small entrepreneurship as you can light up your kiosk.


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