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Product: Solar power supply
Client: BRIGHT Products AS


Following the success of the multifunctional solar lamp Sunbell, BRIGHT Products came together with K8 to develop a more compact and efficient solar powered lamp and phone charger. The new design was to allow for more flexible off-grid living, creating a device which could be used on the move and carried with ease. However, it was important to incorporate the multifunctionality and durability that made the Sunbell so popular.


Both in the initial stages, and throughout the process, we focused on defining the various user scenarios that were appropriate to the proposed new solar product. This allowed us to incorporate and maximize functionality and efficiency suited to the use case: mobile charging and light on the move, powered by solar energy. As a result, we developed solutions to allow three light intensities for different scenarios, a battery level and solar charging indicator, a carry hook and a strap for holding a phone whilst charging.

We also tackled the engineering challenge of making the product out of as few parts as possible. Minimizing the number of parts aimed to make a more robust and durable device, whilst keeping the assembly simple and manufacturing costs down.


The Bright Move is an exciting new solution for off grid living, providing both light and phone charging in a convenient and portable device. The innovative stand allows the lamp to be positioned at the correct angle for optimum solar exposure. It also allows the lamp to be mounted onto a wall or ceiling, using the integrated hook as an attachment point.

The Bright Move incorporates a smart feedback system: four LEDs on the edge of the device indicate the intensity of solar light, so that the lamp can be positioned for the most effective charging. This system also notifies the user of battery levels as well as showing when the power is about to run out. Additionally, the lamp also includes a strobe light mode, turning the Bright Move into a beacon to attract attention in emergency situations.

The carry hook integrated into the stand also allows the device to securely fastened onto a bag, allowing solar charging whilst on the move.

flexible off grid living

BRIGHT Move Smart has become a permanent traveling partner when I’m in areas with no or unstable access to electricity. I use it as safety- and work light, plus to charge or top-up my mobile phone when traveling, CSO Tommy Engvik says.

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