Bright SunTurtle

Bright SunTurtle

Improve off-grid lives

Product: Solar lamp
Client: Bright Products
Cofounder: K8 industridesign


SunTurtle is developed to meet the basic light needs of 1,3 million people who live without access to electricity in Africa, Asia and Latin America, but also to be attractive and useful for campers and hikers around the world. The idea was to create a lamp that will cover several user needs with adjustable light and functional features.


The big loop allows the lamp to be attached on the neck/under the cap of any regular PET bottle that will serve as a sturdy and easy accessible lamp stand. The loop may also be used to hang the lamp on a wall for charging and to secure the product from theft.

If no bottle is available, SunTurtle comes with a patented «FlexFoot» allowing to use the lamp standing on the table, on the wall or attached to the ceiling for social light. To reduce temperature exposure to the battery, there is a middle plate that allows air to flow under the solar panel, and thus reducing the temperature transmitted to the battery and electronics. The lamp has the unique SunBoost3 Charge controller technology for highly effective solar charging (3-4 hours in African sun). The light is adjustable from high (30 lm/5 h) to medium (10 lm/14 h) to low (2-3 lm/150+ h).

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