Concept ideation and exploration for FlowOx 2.0

Challenging the FlowOx from a
user centered perspective

Product: Concept ideation and exploration for FlowOx 2.0, a home treatment system to address peripheral arterial disease 
Client: Otivio AS
Year: 2016


K8 participated in the Otivio FlowOx™ 2.0 Concept Design competition in September 2016. K8’s design was chosen as the winning concept and the preferred design partner for further development. 

The FlowOx™ system addresses peripheral arterial disease (PAD), which is a serious condition leading to pain, chronic wounds and in many cases amputation and mortality. There are limited treatment options offered to the patients aside from surgical interventions. 

Otivio AS developed the FlowOx™ 1.0 system to increase tissue perfusion in the lower leg and foot and is a non-invasive product primarily intended for home use. The current FlowOx™ system is composed of a Pressure Chamber, Support Device and Control Unit. 

The user inserts the foot and calf into the chamber which is connected to the control unit and provides oscillating pressure. The device is normally used for around 2 hours. During use, the patient is usually positioned in a sitting position but occasionally in a lying position. 

Otivio planned to develop a 2.0 version of this system; with planned market introduction late 2017 / early 2018.


The design process for FlowOx 2.0 had a holistic approach challenging the earlier generation FlowOx. K8 designed in accordance with good practice for medical device development (ISO 13485) and focused on ergonomics, the physical user interface, portability, production units and maintenance. 

The user of the system is the most important stakeholder; therefore we we strictly focused on user requirements when evaluating concept development. This resulted in fuzz free solutions which were ergonomicly realistic and universally designed.

Through this evaluation process, we refined several concepts which were then tested using 3D printed prototypes. These tests then provided the basis for iterative development of the design following user feedback.


Gathering feedback from users, K8 evaluated their practical and aesthetical challenges using the FlowOx: buttons, sound, placement of controls, angles to insert foot and calf, comfort while using the FlowOx and storage whilst not in use. 

  • By tilting the boot, it is easier for the user to insert their foot without having to bend down with stiff joints. We could remove the existing stand and simplify production by adding an angle at the heel of the boot (pressure chamber).
  • We tested handles attached to the pressure chamber to help with inserting the foot.
  • We tested wheels and a telescopic handle to avoid bending down during treatment and gain more control, better entrance and overall use of the pressure chamber.

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