Product: Medical shield
Client: ConceptoMed AS
Cofounder: K8 industridesign

solving challenging situations

Two thirds of children have a fear of needles. This fear may be carried into adulthood where it is estimated that about one quarter of adults are afraid and one in ten have an outright phobia. (MacLean et al, 2007; Stevens et al, 2011, Zhu et al, 2012)
The idea was to have a visual block/screen (fan-shaped) that makes it possible to work undisturbed – without the patient keeping a constant surveillance of the work operations.

ConceptoShield™ is a flexible, intuitive and user-friendly printed accessory that helps people to feel comfortable by shielding away needles, blood, wounds and surgical procedures in a medical setting.

The graphics on the side facing the patient attract the attention from the patient, thus diverting attention away from the activities behind the shield. At the same time it allows direct communication and eye contact between the professional helper and the patient.

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