Product: Walking stick
Client: Own project / art project

HOTGO – the trick stick

HOTGO was designed by K8 in 2003 and is a walking stick for people of all ages, keen to learn how to use a stick. With the hottest stick-tricks, it aims to get you well prepared for using a stick the day you really need it. A selection of Norwegian artists and designers, Knut Bry, Coderock, Kim Hiortøy, Scandinavian Design Group and Hanna Høiness has decorated the HOTGO sticks.

Each HOTGO stick is also a messenger for increased environmental awareness, as 1 Euro per sold stick goes to the rainforest fund and their work towards saving the rain forest.

The stick is out of stock.

Webdesign from 2003. Check out the stick-tricks. Your Flash will hopefully open it!


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