Hydrofoil kayak

This kayak was developed in 1997and is the result of the kayak paddler, Einar Rassmussen’s idea of setting the world record with a human powered vehicle on water. The hydrofoil should make the sport more extreme and spectacular and thereby more exciting for spectators of the sport. The hull lies deep in the water to start off with. When the speed increases sufficiently, the hull lifts out of the water and the whole kayak is carried on the hydrofoils.This minimizes water resistance and a top speed of approximately 16 knots is achievable.

Top speed for a normal one-man-race is 11 knots. Successful tests were carried out with a prototype during the spring of 1997. The kayak was selected to represent Norway in the exhibition “GenerationX” at the Scandinavia House in New York in 2000. K8 has designed and developed the prototype in cooperation with Kværner, Einar Rassmussen and Bård Arnesen.




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