Mills Cap

Mills Cap

Strengthen market position
by improving design
and user experience

Client: Mills DA
Product: Cap
Collaborator: Scandinavian Design Group, Graphic Design


To stand out among their competitors Mills wanted a new cap for mayonnaise and caviar products with improved ergonomics and functionality. The new cap was to fit current tubes with minimal changes to the overall production and filling line.


We collected valuable input from focus groups and Mills user panels throughout the design process, allowing us to build rapid prototype models for evaluation in early phases.

Testing physical models was essential, allowing an efficient design process, and a quick small production series was setup by K8 to test correct size and materials. K8 also engineered and detailed the different caps and participated throughout production and testing. 

K8 also guided Mills though the patent application. An important part of the product innovation to build sustainable value.


The new double nozzle cap is now on the market. The unique cap consists of two parts that make it possible to choose whether you want thick or thin mayonnaise strips.

The new cap also allows the tube to stand or hang in store displays and at home. The improved size and details makes the cap easier to hold, open and close, whilst also ensuring that the cap cannot be swallowed by babies or young children. 

The new design incorporates text and graphic elements which further strengthen the Mills brand identity.

Last but not least, the new cap ensures minimal adjustments to the filling line, making this improvement of design and user experience cost-effective.

Here’s how the new cap works:

Unscrew the cap and use the star at the top to pierce the tube as usual, and you now get the familiar strip of Mills mayonnaise.
Would you rather have a thin strip of mayonnaise? Put the cap back on and pull off only the outer part of the cap, you can now squeeze mayonnaise through the smaller opening.  – Enjoy!

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