MOBX packaging

Project: Packaging
Client: TT Micro
Collaborator: / graphic design
Award: Merket for god design

highly innovative – and cost effective

The main challenge in the project was to help TT Micro transform the packaging regime of a whole portfolio of MOBX electric car accessories (headphones, phone covers, and phone holders, chargers etc) from plastic thermos shaped blisters, to something new and innovative that reduced the need for special moulds, simplify the logistics and reduce cost when extending the product-line.

The MOBX product line consists of more than a 100 different variations of products selling in petrol-stations and electronics-stores.Another goal from TT Micro AS was to differentiate themselves from the competition and bring an responsible and environmental friendly aspect to their packaging.

The solution is a systematized and module-based packing with the same front size and different thickness to allow for different products inside. The neutral front surface allows for pictures to communicate the product inside.

Inside the cardboard structure the product is held in place inside a silver easy-to-open-bag with vacuum. This is a highly innovative, very cost effective and flexible way of handling new products in the MOBX product-line.


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