Product: Medical shield
Client: ConceptoMed AS
Cofounder: K8 industridesign AS

Solving challenging situations

myShield® is the perfect aid during blood tests, allergy tests and stitching up at the doctor’s. And equally helpful at home, when cleaning scrapes, cuts and removing splinters. These are challenging situations for children. myShield® makes them a little easier.

Two thirds of children have a fear of needles. This fear may be carried into adulthood whereby it is estimated that about one quarter of adults are afraid and one of ten have an outright phobia.* myShield® helps to fight this fear!

Past experiences are one of the mechanisms included in the experience of pain. myShield® helps to fight the fear and is a helpful tool to prevent negative early experiences!

myShield® is designed to hide and distract from all the unpleasantness. The smart disposable shield can be used on the entire arm and contains enjoyable puzzle games that provide distraction for the child on one side, and tips for grown-ups regarding what to ask for on the other.

Distraction and shielding gives the grown-up more favourable conditions for cleaning the scrape or inserting the needle. The positive interaction and engagement between the child and the grown-up is valuable!



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