Molift Partner

Product: Patient lift
Client: Molift  (now

simple and logic

Molift Partner has a vertical way of lifting. This is the simplest and most logical way of lifting and practically speaking, means that the lift is vertical, using the same distance to the lifting arm and pillar through the whole lift, in a safe and stable position. Combined with the Molift 4-way suspension and Molift sail it gives a comfortable and correct positioning from laying to sitting and vice versa, as the loops of the sail naturally slide into place during the lift.

Molift Partner has a good lifting height and is the perfect lifter to and from all positions, also the floor. The lifter is available in two versions with a lifting capacity of 230 kg and 255 kg.

Molift Partner is the optimal lifter for hospitals and institutions. The low weight of the product and good wheel positioning makes Molift extremely easy to manoeuvre.

The ergonomic hand conrol lies well in the hand and ensures quick and easy operation. A low chassis and electrically adjustable legs, enable access everywhere.

Molift Partner is easy to disinfect and keep clean.


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