Playuba PRO

Playuba PRO

Explore & create
– design the future!

Product: Card based creativity tool for interactive classroom learning
Client: SmartBird AS


When founder Vibeke Kirkebø Hegg held architecture workshops at different schools around Oslo, she discovered that the schools had a lack of Norwegian teaching material for architecture, design and art. She found out there was a great need for a practical tool for creative processes. This was the start of Playuba PRO. Vibeke decided to develop a card-based educational tool, which introduces design thinking and creative processes for education purposes. Since 2008 Vibeke has held workshops with more than 9,500 children, students and teachers.


K8 has worked together with Vibeke to develop the Playuba methodology into a high quality, and inspiring design tool – creating a custom made box with a strong visual identity. This has involved working with students and teachers to gather user requirements and feedback.  The local manufacturers, Ruud Snekkerverksted, is responsible for making the birch wood boxes. Assembly and packing of the Playuba PRO kits is carried out by ByPro.


“It was important for me that the Playuba toolkit would create expectations for the student, a magic box of possibilities, easy to spot and easy to carry. The Playuba-kit should signal creativity. A blend of James Bond and Donald Duck, that’s what K8 really understood! The kit is user friendly and a true joy to use”, says Vibeke.

Let´s inspire creativity and innovation! Curious?

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