Highligting transportation
hubs from a distance

Product: Illuminated public transportation signage
Client: Ruter AS


Ruter AS is a publicly owned company; responsible for public transport in Oslo and Akershus. Ruter provides excellent signage at bus, underground and tram stops around Oslo, and saw the need for more prominent signage to highlight transport connection hubs from greater distances. These hubs are defined as connection points where several transportation methods can be found in the same place, such as Helsfyr, where you can find T-bane (underground), local, regional and long-distance bus connections.


We studied a wide range of public transportation signage and developed several concepts which were presented to Ruter. During the design process, K8 made 3D prints of scale models and realistic visualisations including full scale mockups for testing at Helsfyr.

K8 used Augmented Reality (AR) to verify the concept and design with the client, a method which greatly aided decision making, booth in office and on site – giving a more tangible understanding of scale. Before the Helsfyr signs were produced we had a shorter height prototype outside our office to decide on LED types and detailing. This was very valuable before production started.

We are proud that Ruter embraced our concept “forest”, which brings something new and interesting to public transportation signage.


The final concept, with initial installation at Helsfyr, consists of 5 unique illuminated signs, each representing the different methods of transport found at the hub as well as highlighting Ruter’s logo. Additionally, a sixth illuminated sign indicates the name of the hub.

The colours and graphics chosen match Ruter’s branding colour scheme, creating a strong, eye-catching focal point for the hub, both from afar and closer up.

The height of each pole varies to follow a hierarchy made by Ruter and to create an interesting “forest” constellation. This hierarchy will differ at each hub as the transportation services vary, giving each connection point it’s own identity.

The size and height of the poles are designed in order to be easily seen from a further distance than present, and will provide better exposure of public transportation in Oslo.

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