Pylons – Public transport signs for Ruter#

Pylons – Public transport signs for Ruter#

Robust, visible and super easy to maintain

Product: Pylons / Signs (Søyler)
Client: Ruter
Collaborator: Scandinavian Design Group


Ruter wanted to evaluate and further develop their Pylons (Søyler) to be cost effective, robust, and easy to maintain.


We began with collecting essential information from people installing and maintaining the pylons. By means of our own 3D CAD models and by evaluating 3D models from the production company, we have effectively discussed production and tested out new ideas and possibilities throughout the design process. 

Together with Ruter, test criteria and procedures have been implemented and executed at production. This made it possible to step directly into the last physical prototype and get approval for production.


The pylons are now much more modular and therefore easier to adapt to different stops. Parts that might need replacement or need to be different for different stops are easy to adjust or replace. 

The pylon has been made more water tight and a proven system for air ventilation has been implemented to avoid condensation on the glass panels.  The design has been improved to make the product a robust and high quality addition to Oslo’s streets. 

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