Lowering the threshold for creating surveys

Product: Digital prototypes for Tender
Client: STAMI, Statens Arbeidsmiljøinstitutt
Year: 2019
Team: Tarjei Ødegaard (prm), William Kempton (bud) and Marius Andresen (sup)


STAMI (Statens Arbeidsmiljøinstitutt) is the National Institute of Occupational Health in Norway. They survey health issues, evaluate elements of risks, and propose preventive measures at the workplace. One of the main ways STAMI gathers data for this research is through surveys which they create in their own internal survey administration program. STAMI are now modernising and revitalising this program. They asked K8 to create four prototypes which illustrate key functionality through a user interface which is more accessible for researchers at STAMI and which would later be used as part of a tender.


As a means to efficiently gather insight to this project, we facilitated two workshops where our designers and STAMI’s scientists, IT-administrators and project leads identified and discussed potentials, requirements, needs, wants, ideas, pain points, pitfalls, regulations and expectations in the current and future system.

Through concept development and wireframing K8 produced a number of proposals following insights found in the workshops. In collaboration with STAMI we further iterated on the wireframes until we were both satisfied with the functionality, flow and content. The wireframes were then further developed into high fidelity prototypes.


The four prototypes we delivered to STAMI revolved around four “ideal” future scenarios for different users.

1. STAMI employee creates and publishes a survey in the admin module.

2. Contact person for a participating institution and/or STAMI project leader conducting a survey, adds participants and extra questions.

3. Participant answering a few questions in a survey

4. STAMI employee extracts data from former surveys in the admin module for research purpose and making a report.

Throughout the project we simplified the terminology, the hierarchy, and the work flow used in the old system.

The final solution delivered to STAMI was a truly user based and simplified guided user journey to obtain several goals:

Efficiency and work flow: Lower the threshold enabling more people to set up and start surveys. This means more work will be done in less time and at lower risk.

Quality: Minimise the potential for mistakes through step-by-step guiding through the system to create and publish surveys, add participants, and extra questions. Sharing an early stage survey set-up online with a panel or colleges increases quality.

Old Gold:  It was also important to create an interface which made STAMIs library of gold standard questionnaire techniques and well-proven question-set-ups, easily accessible whilst creating new surveys. To do so we created an interface where a user picks well proven questions in an interface similar to that of an online shopping experience to creat a new survey.

Scenario 2
Scenario 3
Scenario 4
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