The Ocean Bottle

Product: Smart insulated drinking flask
Client: The Ocean Bottle

small bottle: BIG IMPACT


The Ocean Bottle concept was first introduced to K8 in early 2018, by founder, Will Pearson. Will and his team, based at London Business School, saw that in order to help put a stop to ocean plastic they needed to come up with a systematic solution to incentivise plastic recycling before it reaches the ocean. The idea for The Ocean Bottle was born – a smart bottle which through continued use not only negates the need for disposable plastic, but also supports plastic recycling infrastructure where it is most needed. Will and his team have collaborated with The Plastic Bank, an award winning organisation who enable people living in poverty to make a fair wage from collecting plastic.



In order to create the world’s most needed reusable bottle, K8 and the Ocean Bottle team carried out a full market analysis, understanding user needs and use case scenarios – leading to a strong set of design goals and requirements. K8 has not only developed the aesthetics, function, branding, colour palette and packaging, but has also overseen the engineering and manufacture of the Ocean Bottle: understanding the capabilities of NFC technology and new bioplastic materials.



The final design is a double walled vacuum insulated bottle which can be used for hot and cold drinks. The top section is made from food grade bio-plastic. The wide opening makes it simple to add ice cubes to your drink, also making the bottle easy to clean. The base of the bottle is made from upcycled ocean plastic sourced from The Plastic Bank. The Ocean Bottle is an exciting new connected product; with the integrated NFC technology enabling a number of different services providing continual funding to The Plastic Bank – meaning continual environmental and social benefits. K8 are proud to be a key partner in The Ocean Bottle journey and look forward to seeing the impact that the product can have on the ocean plastic problem.


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