Ticketing machine prototypes

Ticketing machine prototypes

Testing platform for future ticket machines

Product: Functional ticket machine prototypes for Ruter Customer Centre
Client: Ruter
Collaborator: Making Waves, digital services


The new Ruter Customer Centre is more than an information point for travelers, it is also an important place for gathering feedback from Ruter’s customers concerning their services. 

Ruter wanted to test out a new self-service point where travelers could plan their itinerary and purchase tickets at the customer centre. K8 worked together with Ruter to develop these self-service points with the aim of increasing the number of self-served travelers, and thus streamlining the customer journey.


The K8 team focused on developing concepts using universal design requirements as a basis. K8 began the process by defining the user needs, carrying out observational research on existing ticket machines as well as interviewing travelers and staff at the customer centre. 

Throughout the development of various concepts and mock ups, the team evaluated and tested the proposed solutions from the perspective of all users who would interact with the service points; travelers, and equally important, cleaners and service personnel.  When refining the chosen concept, the users’ needs were again considered in selecting the materials, access to electronics and maintenance points.

K8 managed design for manufacturing and steel construction of the service points, electronics and functionality were tested with users before installation at the centre.

Universal design

Universal design is such an important topic that we want to share some extra information on this:
Universal design for this product:

• Intuitive use for everyone

• Space for walker, wheelchair, stroller. Wheelchair users should come all the way to or be able to have their legs under the vending machine.

• Headphone jack or other hearing aid

• Low placement of interaction surfaces and information sources. Operating components should be between 75 and 130 cm above the floor.

• Display should be at an angle of 55-70 degrees from the horizontal position.

• Keyboard should be angled 10-20 degrees from horizontal position.


The prototypes includes universal design and safety. The payment terminals are shielded and designed to protect against e.g. hidden “spy” cameras.

Taking into consideration different user groups (travelers, cleaners, service staff) materials used are chosen regarding hygiene, wear and general maintenance. The prototypes are planned to have a lifespan of 2 years – and after use the components can easily be dismantaled and recycled separately.

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