Stokke Xplory

Challenging the ordinary

Product: Stroller
Client: Stokke


In 2000, Stokke invited designers from all over Europe to participate in a competition to generate new concepts for ”transporting babies in cities”. K8 won the competition with their Xplory-concept. We wanted to create an innovative new solution for Stokke, moving away from the typical stroller frame construction. This resulted in an exciting new system based around one central upright and console which also allowed all the functionality desired. 


Xplory has been developed to make life simpler for parents with young children in cities. The seat can be adjusted to the height of a cafe table, so the child can take part in what is going on.

The back wheels can be tilted in, to make it easier to get the pram up and down stairs. By turning the seat, one can either have direct contact between parent and child, or give the child a good view of the surroundings. There is good storage space in the foldable bag at the front and an equipment bag at the back. Xplory is a true revolution for urban parents.

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